Trollinger Street
Stella was born on August 11th of 2012.  She picked me to be her servant and came home with me in November of 2012.  She has been my constant companion and changed my life!  Before Stella, I had been devoted to my Standard and Miniature Poodles.  Then this little Shih Tzu came into my life and changed everything!

Just ask anyone who has been to my shop.  Stella is the greeter, the enforcer, the "queen bee".  She rules with a firm but gentle paw.  She does not tolerate a lot of barking so my grooming clients have learned to be on their best behavior! 

I have enjoyed showing Stella in AKC registered dog shows.  She is almost a Champion!  She is definitely a blue ribbon winner in my heart.  Be sure to stop by the shop and meet her.  She is one of a kind!