We are a full-service canine breeding facility, specializing in breeding and selling show-quality Lhasa Apso, Cocker Spaniel, and Shih Tzu dogs. We sell our own show-quality AKC-registered puppies, and we also provide stud services for show-quality breeding dogs. 

Dogs of Distinction is interested in purchasing pedigreed, show quality breeding dogs. We also operate a Western states stud service referral database for the breeds we work with. 

Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our breeding and referral services. Thank you for visiting us.

Trollinger Street Grooming
Pets are happiest and healthiest when they are groomed regularly. Regular groomings are less stressful for the pet, help in controlling seasonal allergies, and can help in identifying a health issue the owner may have missed. Most importantly, a clean well groomed pet is a huggable pet!

Grooming services are by appointment only. On the day of your appointment, please arrive between 8:00am and 8:30am. Pets should be well exercised before they arrive. It is best not to feed your pet on the morning of their grooming appointment. You will be given a pick-up time unless previous arrangements have already been discussed.

A full grooming service includes a massaging bath, plucking and cleaning the ears, trimming the nails, and cutting and styling the coat to the breed standard or the individual's needs. The grooming process for each dog is broken into two shorter sessions instead of one long session. 

Occasionally, you may need to move your grooming appointment because of a conflict. Please give at least a 24 hour notice so that I have the opportunity to fill that empty spot. Although the schedule stays full, every effort will be made to accomodate changes when given the requested notice.

New clients who intend to be regular clients are always welcome. I prefer to build a lasting relatoinship with both the dog and the owner.